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Silver Mansion Trauma was written for and dedicated to American percussionist Don Nichols, who premiered it at the 3030 venue in Chicago, USA in November 2002.

I often find that the situation of a solo musician playing to an EAM tape on stage runs the risk of becoming dreary, so I have an interest in establishing a clear and specific relationship between the human performer and the electronic music that comes across to the audience. In this case, I wanted to depict the percussionist as an illustionist or an 'alchemist of the spiritual' as it were, manifesting mirror images of his/her percussion playing in the EAM ambience. There's a "Pandora's Box" reference here as well, and what appears to be playful at first, turns out to be a deadly serious ritual as the piece progresses.

The piece won me a trip to Oslo in 2003, where I participated in the Nordic UNM festival for contemporary music and discussed the piece in an hour-long masterclass with legendary composer Brian Ferneyhough. Fun! (Our approaches to composition couldn't be more different, but it made for a very interesting discussion.) The piece went on to be performed in concert by eminent Norwegian percussionist Eirik Raude.

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