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"ODBOY & ERORDOG, EPISODE 2" is a nine minute audiovisual work for chamber quartet, electronic music and animation. The work was commissioned by the Swedish new music ensemble The Peärls Before Swïne Experience and is the second installment of the experimental animated music drama "Odboy & Erordog", picking up where episode 1 left off.

The "Odboy & Erordog" series began in 2008 with "Odboy & Erordog, episode 1", an unconventional music drama sprung from my dissatisfaction with the highbrow culture of contemporary classical music.

A piece for flute, piano, violin, cello, electronic music and animation, “Odboy & Erordog, episode 2” builds upon the feverish narrative of the first episode, about a boy and his dog being sent off on ambiguous missions by a nameless authority in a semi-abstract environment, structured around the aesthetics and parameters of early 1980’s computer games. As with the first episode, the work is mainly a meditation on childhood concepts, experiences and nightmares.

Whereas the first episode was confined to animation and electronic music, this second installment expands the palette with the introduction of the live chamber quartet, making for a far more engaging concert situation reminiscent of the silent film music performances of cinema’s infancy.

Watch the full work on VIMEO: