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House of False Things is a three movement work for chamber ensemble and electronic music. It was commissioned by conductor Petter Sundkvist for the Norrbotten NEO ensemble in 2007, and was premiered in 2008.

The underlying idea of the piece is to evoke a sense of a child's fascination for the strange and unfamiliar; playful and naive, but at the same time not without fear or danger. The title is a variation of the direct translation of the Irish word for "toy store", and it gives a vague suggestion of the idea; a building filled with strange artificial objects, both delightful and frightening.

As in my previous work "Marionettes" (2001), in House of False Things I return to the metaphor of the multi-movement work as a building, where the individual movements function as different rooms with distinct characteristics. The piece takes off in the basement (movement 1: "Generator"), going through the ground floor (mmt 2: "Puppet Hall"), and further on to the attic (mmt 3: "Spectres").

(Unfortunately I have no recording of this piece yet. Please check back later.)

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