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Giger Conceptions is a four movement orchestral work, composed in 2004 and premiered later that year by the Östersunds Orkesterförening, a symphony orchestra combining professional and amateur musicians, conducted by Orwar Eriksson.

The work is inspired by four artworks by Swiss surrealist H.R. Giger, most famous in popular culture as the artist behind the original alien design in Ridley Scott's phenomenal 1979 feature Alien.

For copyright reasons the images that inspired the work cannot be reproduced here, but can be sought out manually for those interested. The four movements, each named after the image that inspired it, are: Shaft no. 7, Astreunuchen, Passage XXI and Landscape X.

To order/hire score and orchestral parts, please contact the composer.


Excerpt, movement 1 (Shaft no. 7). [ DOWNLOAD MP3 ]

Excerpt, movement 2 (Astreunuchen) [ DOWNLOAD MP3 ]

Excerpt, movement 3 (Passage XXI) [ DOWNLOAD MP3 ]

Excerpt, movement 4 (Landscape X). [ DOWNLOAD MP3 ]