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In 2007, Icelandic dancer and choreographer Gunnlaugur Egilsson chose my orchestral work "Degenerator" as the basis for a new ballet piece for the Swedish Royal Ballet in Stockholm. I was happy to find that not only had he chosen to adopt my title for his work, but also my underlying concept of deterioration of classical material, and translated that into his choreography.

The ballet was performed nine times in november and december 2007, by six female dancers and the Royal Court Orchestra, at the Royal Opera house in Stockholm, Sweden.


"I see myself between the two worlds of tradition and progressiveness and it is therefore I have choosen the music Degenerator. The music piece swings between harmony and dissonance, sounds sometimes familiar but otherwise totally alien to ones ear. For the stage of the Royal Opera I think it is important that there exists a vitality and a reflection of what a younger generation strive for in their creativity.

I have choosen to complement Marcus Fjellström's world. The piece has the same name as the music and is for six female dancers wearing pointshoes. Something falling apart, a forest, plant or an organism that continues to grow or wilt away. Movements that are awake or asleep, the aesthetic in the unproportional and the deformed. Classical ballet always strives for perfection but for me perfection is without a soul. Degenerator is an attempt to create a dance piece that is both perfection and imperfection, classical and contemporary dance, minimalism and maximalism, harmony and dissonance."

You can read more about Degenerator, the orchestral piece, by clicking here.


Excerpt, movement 1 (Introduction). [ DOWNLOAD MP3 ]

Excerpt, movement 2 (Waltz). [ DOWNLOAD MP3 ]

Excerpt, movement 3 (Interlude). [ DOWNLOAD MP3 ]

Excerpt, movement 4 (Finale). [ DOWNLOAD MP3 ]