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Degenerator is a four movement orchestral work, originally composed in 2006 and premiered by the Nordic Chamber Orchestra in Sundsvall, Sweden, under the baton of Christian Lindberg.

I wanted to compose a work that would feel and sound like the deteriorated ruins of a romantic orchestral work. I imagined a melancholic and expressive kind of late 19th century piece, but it was falling apart, crumbling, clashing with itself. Like the ruins of an old, deteriorated building, overgrown with vegetaion, some sections of the piece would be more intact than others; a forceful orchestral section would feel as strong as ever, but could be followed by a thin, sickly, deteriorated section bearing only some traces of what it once could have been.

In early 2007, Icelandic choreographer Gunnlaugur Egilsson heard a recording of the piece and decided to use it for an upcoming ballet work. Not only did he use the music of Degenerator for his ballet, but also the title and the overall concept; deterioration of classical material. In his choreography, conventional classical ballet moves crumble and fall apart, creating a conceptual and aesthetic analogy to the music itself.

The ballet work "Degenerator" was premiered at the Swedish Royal Ballet in Stockholm in november 2007, where it enjoyed ten performances in the following month.

To order/hire score and orchestral parts, please contact the Swedish Music Information Centre.


Excerpt, movement 1 (Introduction). [ DOWNLOAD MP3 ]

Excerpt, movement 2 (Waltz) [ DOWNLOAD MP3 ]

Excerpt, movement 3 (Interlude). [ DOWNLOAD MP3 ]

Excerpt, movement 4 (Finale). [ DOWNLOAD MP3 ]