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Deanimator is a nine minute piece for solo horn and electronic music. It was commissioned by the internationally renowned horn player Sören Hermansson through Rikskonserter in 2008.

There is a man-machine theme running through Deanimator, as my intentions were "to fuse the organic with the mechanical, the natural with the artificial, the metal with the flesh". I've always been fascinated by the relationship between the human performer and the electronic music in performances like these, and I wanted to combine these two in an organic, physical, almost visceral way, as the EAM part evokes physical aspects such as the electric, the mechanical and the metallic, juxtaposed with the organic and warm physicality of the horn player (the metallic and mechanical aspects of the horn instrument itself being the mediator).

The man-machine theme, as well as the echoes of industrial music within the piece, was in part inspired by the fact that Hermansson lived in Berlin in the early 1980's as a student of Gerd Seifert at the Karajan Academy, and got to perform with the Berlin Philharmonic under Herbert Karajan. The significant musical flip side of Berlin at this time was, of course, the emergence of Einstürzende Neubauten, giving Berlin a strong industrial identity in the early 1980's with their music, poetry and performance art.

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