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AGAIN is an artistic collaboration between choreographer Ina Christel Johannessen and the Swedish composer Marcus Fjellström. A complex interplay between notated music, large electronic clusters, musicians, orchestra, dance, and the visual scene, the work was produced in collaboration between NorrlandsOperan / NoO Symphony Orchestra and zero visibility corp.

AGAIN was premiered in 2012 in Umeå, Sweden, with subsequent performances in Vilnius, Lithuania, and Oslo, Norway.

For more information, press kit, stills and video clips, please visit the Zero Visibility Corp project page.

Fjellström's commissioned music for AGAIN, titled ZERO VISIBILITY SUITE, consists of 48 minutes of music for symphony orchestra and electronics, divided into eight movements.

To order/hire score and orchestral parts, please contact the Swedish Music Information Centre.


Excerpt 1 (Amaltheia). [ DOWNLOAD MP3 ]

Excerpt 2 (Bethania). [ DOWNLOAD MP3 ]

Excerpt 3 (Callidora). [ DOWNLOAD MP3 ]

Excerpt 4 (Dimitra). [ DOWNLOAD MP3 ]

Excerpt 5 (Euthalia). [ DOWNLOAD MP3 ]

Excerpt 6 (Faidra). [ DOWNLOAD MP3 ]

Excerpt 7 (Galene). [ DOWNLOAD MP3 ]

Excerpt 8 (Hemera). [ DOWNLOAD MP3 ]