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"EXERCISES IN ESTRANGEMENT" (2005), Lampse Audiovisual Records (LAMP002)

THE WIRE # 258, August 2005 (reviewed by Chris Sharp)

"This stark, etiolated and deliberately capricious music ghosts along the shadowy divide between electronica and modernist contemporary classical... (...) ...showcasing in the process a variety of approaches without ever quite laying claim to a signature style. (...) This is sonorous and haunting music whose deep, dark crevices yield plenty of textural surprises."


"TOP ALBUM RECOMMENDATION OF THE WEEK. Outstanding new album from the Lampse label. (...) There is a strong narrative quality throughout that is communicated through changing timbres and textures that never become boringly comfortable or unbearably extreme. This is an engaging and enjoyable listen, one of the most exciting releases we've heard in a long time!"

TINY MIX TAPES, August 2005

"RATING: 4/5. Marcus Fjellström's Exercises in Estrangement is an unsettling, visionary work of modern composition... (...) The tangible presence of electronic programming on Exercises in Estrangement makes it a distinctly postmodern work, while the beautiful, somewhat simplistic classical motifs, in contrast to the record's more synthetic elements, envelop the music in a gorgeously anachronistic, ghostly dissonance like a diaphanous shroud."

GAFFA.dk, August 2005 (reviewed by Jakob Rosenbak)

(Translated from Danish:) "RATING: 5/6. This Swedish composer's take on contemporary classical music with electronic streaks is marked by a dark vision, often downright disquieting. (...) This is an original, atypical and thoroughly excellent work."


"GEBRAUCHSMUSIK" (2006), Lampse Audiovisual Records (LAMP006)


"WARPMART RECOMMENDS. Far grander in scale and reach than last years excellent and rightfully bigged up here 'Exercises in Estrangement', this album uses the neo classical richness and imagination of that album as a place to jump off into other directions of spiky baroque strangeness. (...) ...a great album where Fjellstrom seems to overturn every given idea of normality, deconstructing every detail and pulling the floor away just as you feel you are getting comfortable..."

THE WIRE #275, January 2007 (reviewed by Jim Haynes)

"An intertwining jigsaw puzzle of orchestral composition cohabitating with digitally mottled electronics... (...) an exquisite alchemist in transforming the electronic into the symphonic and vice versa... (...) Fjellström's structures are baroque musical ellipses that complicate rather than illuminate."

DE:BUG, December 2006 (reviewed by Thaddi Herrmann)

(Translated from German:) "I would like to go to Sweden simply to tell Mr. Fjellström how much I hate his album and what an arrogant asshole I think he is. (...) Yuck."

DE:BUG # 112, May 2007, from the article "Neo Klassik: Das soundfreie Jahr 2007" by Christian von Borries.

(Translated from German:) "Now to a particularly good one; Marcus Fjellström. Musically he centers around the contemporary classical music clique - this lonely island - and on Gebrauchsmusik, a disturbing mixture of intelligent references is to be heard..."

TEXTURA, January 2007

"Fjellström's provocative second sojourn into post-classical electro-acoustic composition is uncompromising but in no way displeasing; if anything, it signifies a radical move forward for the Swedish composer. (...) Though hints of other music surface (...) Gebrauchsmusik transcends such derivative moments due to its remarkable stylistic reach."